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Sensual Kissing

Kissing is one of the best ways achieving sexual arousal. Its effects go far beyond locking lips together and exchanging saliva. In fact, kissing is considered a sacred act for people that feel a deeper connection. Some kisses are more exciting than others. However, a kiss always triggers intimate pleasures that are felt throughout the body and the soul. However, it’s important to know a few techniques for kissing to make it enjoyable and magical.

Here are guidelines by las vegas bbw escorts on how to ensure greater pleasure while kissing:  

Create Anticipation

Kissing can sometimes occur spontaneously. However, you should create an attraction and make your partner want to reach for your lips. One way to begin the attraction is by your lips in front of his or her lips and feeling her breath rise slowly. After that, take time to let the energy between you settle in without rushing. Slightly brush your lips against your partner’s. Give them only a taste of what you got in store for them.

Take it Slow

Once you’ve built anticipation for kissing, get into it gently. A kiss is perhaps one of the most amazing acts of sex and rushing it will only spoil the fun. Start on a slow pace and gently increase the intensity of the kiss.  Lock your lips deeper without holding breath. Take time to explore the lips of your partner till you feel the taste through your body. You can then, introduce the tongue but still take it slow so that your partner wants it more.

Don’t Hold Your Breath Suggested by BBW Escorts

Breathing is an important aspect of kissing that ensures the flow of sexual energy between two partners. The experience can be more fulfilling if you sync your breath with that of your partner. Even if kissing gets intense that you can’t hold it anymore, keep breathing evenly to let energy exchange take shape throughout your entire bodies.

Alternate the Pace

At this stage, the energy between you is already built and introducing a harder and predatory pace is ideal to take it to the next level. With your lips locked up, introduce acts like, gently biting your partner’s lips, neck and scratching the back. Shift between slow and hard kissing.

Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is important when it comes to sensual kissing. As you roll your tongues into each other’s lips, hold the gaze longer to make your partner feel your presence. A simple eye contact while kissing can bring orgasm even without penetration.

Try this and you will enjoy ultimate pleasure from the sacred art of kissing.


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