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One of the greatest appeals of being a creative genius is that, more often than not, you’ll never be found out if you were creative or not. But how many of us actually do the proper research on our own creative geniuses and discover their psychological tricks? Some of those “designer scientists” we’ve come to respect and admire are really just normal people who went astray a bit along the way.

You see, there’s always the one psychological trick that works every time for every individual, and that’s the mental game. It’s all about mental strategies and mental approaches to problem solving, which, when done correctly, can boost your intellectual performance like nothing else. In fact, it has been proven that by mastering the art of mental planning, the average person can double their IQ points. How’s that for an “easy trick”? !

If you’re still not convinced that mastering the art of mental planning is one of the best psychological tricks you can learn, think about this: Every successful entrepreneur knows that creativity and “planning” go hand-in-hand. They’re both necessary to be a success, and it only takes one fool or successful business venture to prove the fact. And then there’s the whole business of mental tricks – if someone can successfully pull off the seemingly impossible, then so can you. The real trick is knowing how to pull it off, and that requires studying both the science of brain power and the human psyche.

So what are some of the most effective psychological tricks you can use to become a truly creative genius? Well, let’s start with this: The power of suggestion. This is a big one! Almost all successful people, from business geniuses to salespeople to writers and musicians can take advantage of the power of suggestion. By using subtle hints and innuendos, you can make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex and tap into their subconscious minds in order to unlock their inner creative genius.

Another trick that will help you become a truly creative genius is to become your own personal magnet. By channeling your natural charisma and abilities through careful study of how other creative geniuses have navigated their way through the world, you can use those same strategies in order to gain the upper hand in the psychological world. You can always pick up tips and techniques from these successful people and incorporate them into your own personality. This is how many masters of the psychological game have managed to get to the top of their fields.

And lastly, another psychological trick for creativity involves visual imagery. It’s widely known that imagery makes things vivid in our minds. In fact, studies have shown that seeing something can make it more vivid in our memory, as well. So by taking a moment to visualize the image in your mind, you can transfer that image to an original form – such as a painting or a photograph – and make it more vivid in your mind. This is a wonderful way to create permanent memories in your mind.

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